Type: electronic commerce site
Launch Date: April 1999

Challenges: First to design the graphical user interface. The second challenge was to integrate two huge updatable databases for used and new items.

Solutions: From our interview process, we asked many questions to determine the approximate look and feel the client wanted for the site. From our interviews, our graphic designers were able to generate seven potential looks for the site. Some geometric, some fluid, all using purple and green as specified by the client.

We imported the database of new items into a SQL 7.0 database and managed to get a functional prototype of the site working along with a sample of the used data. After fine tuning the new online database, Drwax was "virtually" in business. The functionality of this site has grown since its launch to offer an ever better user experience.

Goss Pasma
Beyond Design
Defrees & Fiske
Revolution Ensemble
Mila Design