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Design Engine Talk Board


Deep Interactive designed a “forum” for Design Engine — only the forum isn’t the typical cluttered, confusing format.


To design a conversation/talk/forum board where designers and engineers can go to submit topics and engage in discussions.


Design Engine Education is a firm that provides hands-on training for designers and engineers in various softwares. Design Engine wanted to a place where designers and engineers could share ideas, ask and answer questions, and engage in discussions. A similar look to the Job Board and Design Engine Publication site was implemented in order to ensure brand cohesiveness.

Topics can be submitted and edited by each individual user. Users can set up their profile with description, social media, and image. Discussions are held via commenting on topics in various categories.

The Talk Board also has a goal of driving traffic to the main Design Engine website []. This is also a site where past students and current students can go to ask questions. All other Design-Engine related information are also linked to the Talk Board.
Deep Interactive manages and moderates this site in conjunction with Design Engine Education.


Wordpress, PHP, HTML/CSS, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


2 weeks

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